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Accepted Short Papers

Bart Demoen and Phuong-Lan Nguyen.
Environment Reuse in the WAM
Wim Vanhoof and François Degrave.
An algorithm for sophisticated code matching in logic programs
Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Gadducci, Javier Larrosa, and Emma Rollon.
A soft approach to multi-objective optimization
Fabrizio Riguzzi.
Inference with Logic Programs with Annotated Disjunctions under the Well Founded Semantics (poster)
Jorge A. Perez and Camilo Rueda.
Towards a CCP-based Framework for the Analysis of Probabilistic Reactive Systems (Extended Abstract)
Piero Bonatti, Juri Luca De Coi, Daniel Olmedilla, and luigi sauro.
Policy-Driven Negotiations and Explanations: Exploiting Logic-Programming for Trust Management, Privacy & Security
Francesco Buccafurri, Gianluca Caminiti, and Rosario Laurendi.
A Logic Language with Stable Model Semantics for Social Reasoning
Paul Tarau.
Logic Engines and Interactors
Tom Schrijvers, Vitor Santos Costa, Jan Wielemaker, and Bart Demoen.
Towards Typed Prolog
German Vidal.
Trace Analysis for Predicting the Effectiveness of Partial Evaluation
Joohyung Lee, Vladimir Lifschitz, and Ravi Palla.
Safe Formulas in the General Theory of Stable Models
Jorge Costa and Ricardo Rocha.
Global Storing Mechanisms for Tabled Evaluation
Uwe Egly, Sarah Alice Gaggl, and Stefan Woltran.
ASPARTIX: Implementing Argumentation Frameworks Using Answer-Set Programming
Jon Sneyers.
Turing-complete Subclasses of CHR
Hakim Belhaouari and Frederic Peschanski.
A Constraint Logic Programming Approach to Automated Testing
Carlos Damasio, Anh Han The, and Carroline D.P Kencana Ramli.
An implementation of extended P-log using XASP.
Paulo Moura, Ricardo Rocha, and Sara C. Madeira.
Thread-Based Competitive Or-Parallelism (Extended Abstract)
Sebastien Siva, James Lu, and Hantao Zhang.
A Case Study in Engineering SQL Constraint Database Systems (Extended Abstract)
Stephen Muggleton, Jose Santos, and Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad.
TopLog: ILP using a logic program declarative bias
Michael Codish, Peter Stuckey, and Vitaly Lagoon.
Telecommunications Feature Subscription as a Partial Order Constraint Problem
Tomi Janhunen.
Removing Redundancy from Answer Set Programs
Jesus Aranda, Jorge A. Perez, Camilo Rueda, and Frank Valencia.
Explicit Discrete Time and Stochastic Behavior in CCP
Giulio Piancastelli and Andrea Omicini.
A Multi-Theory Logic Language for the World Wide Web
Raffaele Cipriano, Agostino Dovier, and Jacopo Mauro.
Compiling and Executing Declarative Modeling Languages in Gecode
Owen Cliffe, Marina De Vos, Martin Brain, and Julian Padget.
ASPViz: Declarative Visualisation and Animation Using Answer Set Programming
Pablo Chico de Guzmán, Manuel Carro, and Manuel Hermenegildo.
A Sketch of a Complete Scheme for Tabled Execution Based on Program Transformation

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