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Accepted Regular Papers

Michael Fink.
Equivalences in Answer-Set Programming by Countermodels in the Logic of Here-and-There

Angelika Kimmig, Vitor Santos Costa, Ricardo Rocha, Bart Demoen, and Luc De Raedt.
On the efficient execution of Problog programs

Radoslaw Szymanek and Christophe Lecoutre.
Constraint-level Advice for Shaving

Yuanlin Zhang, Roland Yap, Chendong Li, and Satyanarayana Marisetti.
Efficient Algorithms for Functional Constraints

Pedro Cabalar.
Partial Functions and Equality in Answer Set Programming

Francesco Calimeri, Susanna Cozza, Giovambattista Ianni, and Nicola Leone.
Computable Functions in ASP: Theory and Implementation

Mirek Truszczynski and Stefan Woltran.
Relativized Hyperequivalence of Logic Programs for Modular Programming

Valerio Senni, Alberto Pettorossi, and Maurizio Proietti.
A Folding Algorithm for Eliminating Existential Variables from Constraint Logic Programs

Johannes Oetsch and Hans Tompits.
Program Correspondence under the Answer-Set Semantics: The Non-Ground Case

Shay Cohen, Robert J. Simmons, and Noah A. Smith.
Dynamic Programming Algorithms as Products of Weighted Logic Programs

Christian Schulte and Peter Stuckey.
Dynamic Analysis of Bounds versus Domain Propagation

Joerg Puehrer, Hans Tompits, and Stefan Woltran.
Elimination of Disjunction and Negation in Answer-Set Programs under Hyperequivalence

David Pearce and Agustin Valverde.
Quantified Equilibrium Logic and a Class of General Logic Programs

Yuliya Lierler.
Abstract Answer Set Solvers

Gregory Duck, Leslie De Koninck, and Peter Stuckey.
Cadmium: An Implementation of ACD Term Rewriting

Guohua Liu and Jia-Huai You.
Lparse Programs Revisited: Semantics and Representation of Aggregates

María Alpuente, Santiago Escobar, and José Iborra.
Termination of Narrowing using Dependency Pairs

Amadeo Casas, Manuel Carro, and Manuel Hermenegildo.
A High-Level Implementation of Nondeterministic, Unrestricted, Independent And-parallelism

Alexis Saurin.
Towards Ludics Programming: Interactive Proof Search

Luciano Caroprese and Mirek Truszczynski.
Declarative Semantics for Active Integrity Constraints

Piero Bonatti and Sabrina Baselice.
Composing normal programs with function symbols

Martin Gebser, Benjamin Kaufmann, Max Ostrowski, Torsten Schaub, and Sven Thiele.
Engineering an Incremental ASP Solver

Bart Demoen and Phuong-Lan Nguyen.
Two WAM Implementations of Action Rules

Peter Van Weert.
Optimized Compilation of CHR Propagation Rules

Eric Trias, Jorge Navas, Elena S. Ackley, Stephanie Forrest, and Manuel Hermenegildo.
Negative Ternary Set-Sharing

Jeroen Janssen, Stijn Heymans, Dirk Vermeir, and Martine De Cock.
Compiling fuzzy answer set programs to fuzzy propositional theories

Joseph Near, William Byrd, and Daniel Friedman.
alpha-TAP: A Declarative Theorem Prover for First-Order Classical Logic

Tom Schrijvers and Martin Sulzmann.
Transactions in Constraint Handling Rules

Victor Marek and Jeffrey Remmel.
On the continuity of Gelfond-Lifschitz operator and other applications of proof-theory in ASP proof-theory in ASP

Paolo Pilozzi and Daniel De Schreye.
Termination Analysis of CHR revisited

Terrance Swift and Rui Marques.
Concurrent and Local Evaluation of Normal Programs

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