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Doctoral Consortium

International Conference on Logic Programming

Fourth Doctoral Consortium

Udine, Italy

December 9-13, 2008


NEW - List of Doctoral Consortium Accepted Presentations


The  2008 ICLP  Doctoral Consortium  (DC) is  the fourth international doctoral  consortium  to  be  offered  as part  of the  International Conference on  Logic Programming. The  DC will take place  during ICLP 2008  in Udine, Italy.  The Doctoral Consortium  is designed  for doctoral students  working in areas related to logic  programming, as well as  Master's students interested in pursuing  doctoral degrees in the field of logic programming.

The Doctoral  Consortium aims to provide students  with an pportunity to  present  and  discuss  their  research directions and  to  obtain feedback from  peers as  well as world-renowned experts in  the field. The Doctoral  Consortium will also  offer invited speakers  and  panel discussions.


The Doctoral Consortium  is held the during the  regular activities of the ICLP 2008 Conference. The aims of the Doctoral Consortium are:

  • To provide  doctoral students  working in the  field of  logic and constraint programming  with a friendly and open  forum to present their research  ideas, listen to ongoing work  from peer students, and receive constructive feedback;

  • To  provide  students with  relevant  information about  important issues for doctoral candidates and future academics

  • To  develop a  supportive community  of scholars  and a  spirit of collaborative research.

  • To support  a new generation  of researchers with  information and advice  on  academic,  research, industrial,  and  non-traditional career paths.

The Consortium is designed for  students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program,  though  we  are  also  open to  exceptions  (e.g., students currently in  a Masters program  and interested in doctoral studies). Students  at any stage in their doctoral studies are  encouraged  to apply.  Applicants  are expected  to  be conducting research in the field of Logic Programming; topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
  • Theoretical Foundations of Logic and Constraint Logic Programming

  • Sequential and Parallel Implementation Technology

  • Static and Dynamic Analysis, Abstract Interpretation, Compilation Technology, Verification

  • Logic-based Paradigms (e.g., Answer Set Programming, Concurrent Logic Programming, Inductive Logic Programming)

  • Innovative Applications of Logic Programming

The  Consortium  allows  participants  to  interact  with established researchers and with  other students, through presentations, question- answer  sessions, panel discussions, and invited  presentations. The Doctoral Consortium will provide  the possibility to reflect - through short  activities,  information sessions,  and  discussions  - on  the process and lessons of research and life in academia. Each participant will give a short, critiqued, research presentation.
The Doctoral  Consortium will be held  on a date to  be determined, in parallel with the regular activities  of the ICLP 2008 conference; the ICLP conference will  run from December 9th to December 13th, 2008. Doctoral Consortium  participants will  be offered the  opportunity to have   their  abstracts   published  in the  ICLP   2008  conference proceedings.
Discussants: Several renowned faculty members and researchers in the field of Logic Programming will  join in evaluating  the submission packets  and will participate  in the  Doctoral  Consortium, providing  feedback to  the presenters. The list  of the discussants will be  published at a later date.

Detailed  submission  instructions  can  be  found in  the  ICLP 2008 Doctoral Consortium web site, at:

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:
 August 25, 2008 (strict)
Acceptance Notification: September 5, 2008 Last Date to Update
Research Summary: September 15, 2008 (strict)
Doctoral Consortium: December 9-13, 2008 (TBA) ICLP 2008
 December 9-13, 2008


Doctoral Consortium Chairs:

David S. Warren
Tom Schrijvers
Department of Computer ScienceDepartement of Computer Science
State University of New York Catholic University of Leuven
Stony Brook, NY, USA
Leuven, Belgium
warren _a_t_s.sunysb.edutom.schrijvers _a_t_
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